Red & White

1861 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 486-4769


Monday - Wednesday 12 - 9pm
Thursday - Saturday 12 - 10pm
Sunday 12 - 7pm


One of the first natural wine retailers in the US, Red & White has been open since 2008. In that time, our shop in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago has become a city-wide institution.

This little shop is the center of our world, and it has found its own place as a pole in our city.    


We represent vignerons who respect their land; winemakers who use no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals on their property. They harvest by hand, utilize only native yeasts in fermentation and minimize additions to their wines. Subtly guided by human touch, this sort of production process mirrors thoughtful farming. These wines speak of their origins by expressing vintage and reflecting environment.   


With a keen eye on the origins of our wines, beers and spirits, we aim to provide hospitable service in a comfortable setting.  


Our Wine Bar will be opening in 2017.


We are:

Nathan Adams, Managing partner

Cub Dimling, Managing partner

Catie Olson, Sales & Artist-in-residence



Twice per week we host open house style tastings at the shop. We are often joined by winemakers, importers, friends and colleagues to pour their wines. These tastings have always been and will always be free, and open to the public.  

Join us Thursday evening from 5-8pm and Saturday afternoons from 2-5pm.

Nathan pouring with Wink Lorch - one of the special guests that often grace our tastings.

Nathan pouring with Wink Lorch - one of the special guests that often grace our tastings.



The phrase "comparing apples and oranges" is often invoked when a person compares two items that are thought to be so different as to make any comparison invalid. 

Cider (the alcoholic kind) is a fermented drink made with crushed fruit, typically apples. 

Skin-contact or "orange" wine is a white wine somewhat made like a red wine. Vignerons macerate the wine on its grape skins. This imparts tannin and color - turning the white wine a shade darker. It is an ancient style of winemaking that originated in the country of Georgia. It lends itself to minimal intervention winemaking, and it was really trendy a few years ago. The best of it remains interesting, delicious and worthwhile. 

Cider and skin-contact wines fundamentally differ. While it's pointless to compare them, it's enjoyable to taste them side-by-side. Bright, uplifting apple ciders balance the denser, complex skin-contact wines.  

Join us for this autumn tasting of apple ciders and orange wines from our favorite small producers. 

Seasonal snacks will be served.

Featured cideries:

Cyril Zangs

Julien Fremont

Eric Bordelet




Stefan Vetter

Scar of the Sea

...and more!


Featured wineries:



Il Censo


La Stoppa



Frank Cornelissen


Ruth Lewandowski

Scholium Project

Alfredo Maestro

Claus Preisinger

Brendan Tracey

La Grand Colline

...and more! 





Our Wine Club is here!

·       Club members will receive three new wines each month. These selections will be new to our shelves, limited releases from our favorite producers and unique selections brought in especially for the club. The trio is selected based on seasonality, dynamism and overall allure.  

·       Each month will include a newsletter about the featured wines and vignerons.   

·       We host a “pick up party” on (or around) the third Thursday of the month. Members can taste the featured wines, have a snack at the bar, and take their set home.   

·       The cost is $85 per month. Membership is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. If getting to the store is inconvenient for you, we are able to ship wines anywhere in Illinois.  

Click here to sign up.


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