Red & White

1861 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 486-4769


Monday - Wednesday 12 - 9pm
Thursday - Saturday 12 - 10pm
Sunday 12 - 7pm


One of the first natural wine retailers in the US, Red & White has been open since 2008. In that time, our shop in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago has become a city-wide institution.

This little shop is the center of our world, and it has found its own place as a pole in our city.    


We represent vignerons who respect their land; winemakers who use no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals on their property. They harvest by hand, utilize only native yeasts in fermentation and minimize additions to their wines. Subtly guided by human touch, this sort of production process mirrors thoughtful farming. These wines speak of their origins by expressing vintage and reflecting environment.   


With a keen eye on the origins of our wines, beers and spirits, we aim to provide hospitable service in a comfortable setting.  


Our Wine Bar will be opening in 2017.


We are:

Nathan Adams (owner)

Cub Dimling (general manager)

Paul Courtright (retail manager)

Catie Olson (artist in residence)


Twice per week we host open house style tastings at the shop. We are often joined by winemakers, importers, friends and colleagues to pour their wines. These tastings have always been and will always be free, and open to the public.  

Join us Thursday evening from 5-8pm and Saturday afternoons from 2-5pm.

Nathan pouring with Wink Lorch - one of the special guests that often grace our tastings.

Nathan pouring with Wink Lorch - one of the special guests that often grace our tastings.



Join us for a grand tasting of many of our favorite sparkling wines made in the old school way: the ancestral method. Depending on where they are made, these wines are called Pétillant-Naturel (Pét-Nat for short), Espumosa Ancestral, Methode l'Ancestral, etc...

Our last tasting focused on a region. This time, we are focused on a method of production. These selections include white and rosé pét-nats from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the U.S.  

But what is pét-nat? 

There are several ways to make sparkling wine. The Champagne method, or traditional method, involves two fermentations. By adding sugar and yeast to fermented juice, the winemaker induces a secondary bottle fermentation. This creates the trapped carbon dioxide necessary for the formation of bubbles.  

Pét-nat is not Champagne. It undergoes one fermentation. The winemaker bottles juice while it is still fermenting. This initial fermentation then finishes in bottle, trapping carbon dioxide and imparting a gentle effervescence. The process is more about what it does not involve than what it does. 

Often cloudy, the wines have a variably broad, coarse bubble that make them drinkable and discretely textured. 

High summer is the perfect time to enjoy these wines. They are fresh, lively and super fun.  

A ticket will get you a sample of each wine (some bottles are limited and may run out), as well as a spread of substantial snacks.
Tickets are available online, or in store. We look forward to seeing you there!



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